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     Our private investigators provide professional and confidential investigations.  The agency owner is directly involved with each case, and he has over 25 years experience as a government investigator before starting Ken Pullen & Associates, LLC to provide private investigations.  We are full time investgiators, and NOT working as a car salesman, security guards, building contractors, and etc. while you the client are paying for their on the job training.  You can research the competition, but won't find another agency with this level of experienced investigators, charging a fee this low.  We pride ourselves on being good stewards of your money, and treating our customers the way we would expect to be treated if we were the client.  So, when you need a professional and experienced private investigator, give us a call for your free initial consultation.

     We maintain the highest degree of professionalism, and integrity, while keeping your case and infor
mation confidential.  Why call Ken Pullen & Associates?  We cannot be matched in customer service and professionalism.  When you call, you will speak with the owner, or an experienced investigator to get information on your case, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There is no answering service taking your calls, and no guy that works as a auto mechanic during the day and being a private investigator at night working on your case.  In addition to our team of on staff investigators, we also have a full line of experts available in almost every field by being a member of the Professional Investigators and Security Association of Virginia.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality investigation services possible to our client at a reasonable cost.  Our agency and investigators are licensed, insured, and bonded by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services in Virginia.

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Suspect YOUR Spouse of Cheating?

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     Most people that suspect a spouse of cheating, and then hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance find out that their suspicions were correct.  Normally the cheating spouse will exhibit characteristics that help to tip off their partner that something has changed in the marriage.  They may have periods of time that cannot be accounted for during the day, or patterns of time each week when they are making excuses for being late getting home.  The cheat-
ing spouse normally gets very defensive when questions are posed about their whereabouts, spending habits, changes in the way they dress, etc.  They also have a tendency to try and make their partner feel
like the guilty individual and that the marriage is failing because of them.  They like to project the blame for issues in the marriage on the partner, such as, money problems, lack of communications, lack of trust by the spouse for asking questions about them being late, or changing their dress and spending habits.
     If you suspect your spouse may be cheating, Do Not confront them about it, or start asking pointed questions.  This will only make them defensive, and could even make them become abusive toward you, as well as make them suspicious that you are watching them.  If they become suscipious that you may be watching them, they will change their normal habits and make it more difficult to catch if you hire an investigator.  Do Not try to follow them yourself, or have friends follow them.  Conducting surveillance without detection requires skill and experience.  Attempting to follow them yourself will most likely result in detection, and having friends follow them could result in criminal charges for "Stalking" since Virginia has a law to prohibit stalking.  If they suspect they are being watched, they will change their meeting habits, and become more cautious when meeting the paramour, resulting in additional cost for you, once you hire a professional investigator.  The extra precautions they take when meeting will make it more difficult for a professional investigator to conduct surveillance, and will most likely increase the number of hours it takes an investigator to obtain and, document the evidence you need for court.  Start keeping a discreet record of what days and times they are unaccounted for during the week to see if there is a pattern.
     Having the evidence to prove Adultery in Virginia may have a significant impact on the outcome of your settlement agreement in regards to the division of assets, alimony payment, and child support if children are involved.  In addition to hiring a professional private investigator to collect and document the evidence required, retaining competent and aggressive legal respresentation is essential in obtaining the best outcome of your case.

Free Initial Consultation

     Do you have a situation or suspicion that you feel a private investigator may be able to assist you in finding the answers?  We are here to help, to prove or disprove your suspicions.  We offer a free initial consultation with no obligation or pressure to retain our agency during the meeting.  If you feel you have a situation that our agency may be of assistance to you, give us a call today to set up a free con-
sultation at 540-675-1300
.  In addition to our office located in Flint Hill, we have also added a second office location in Front Royal, Virginia to make it easier for our clients to meet with an investigator.

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